For Growing Number Of Trump Voters, Case Of Premature Adulation

For Growing Number Of Trump Voters, Case Of Premature Adulation

That look you make when you realize you've been had

He was going to be their hero. He was going to shake things up in Washington D.C. like no career politician ever could. He was going to stand up for the forgotten man (and woman). He was going to fatten their wallets!

For a significant number of Trump supporters, the dream of finally having a champion-in-chief of the common folk has been shattered. The excitement they felt on inauguration day has turned into regret. Former devotees now openly admit Donald Trump has taken them for a ride.

Trump’s failure to repeal and replace Obamacare with a GOP healthcare plan that he promised would be more affordable, expand choice and ensure “health care access for all Americans” is just the latest blow to a love affair gone bad.

Even the more ardent Trump backers are upset with his rushed, ill-thought-out “Muslim” travel ban now blocked by the courts.

Many Trump followers have been shocked to learn that American taxpayers will be paying for his big, beautiful wall, not the Mexicans.

There are some voters who take offense at Trump’s frequent weekend getaways … and all the additional security expense they entail. Three million dollars for the president to golf at his luxury Mar-a-Lago resort, they ask?

Some disillusioned supporters say they had hoped Trump would act more presidential once in office. A few even admit to wishing he would act more like Obama!

There is a Twitter feed specifically for Trump supporters who feel let down by the man they helped put into the Oval Office. The feed had 25,000 followers even before Trump took office. The current following has climbed to over 250,000 of mostly exasperated people who claim to have voted for Donald Trump.

There, no doubt, is a solid base of Trump supporters who will never give up on their man. These are the people Trump had in mind when he boasted he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose support.

But for many voters, especially those who reluctantly voted for Trump, less for his promises and more because they hated Hillary so much, the regrets will just keep on coming.

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