Here's How To Prep Up For The Fashion Week

Here's How To Prep Up For The Fashion Week

If you are a typical fashion lady, and genuinely care about what is happening in the fashion industry, you wait for various fashion weeks year round. Whether it be the biggest ones around the world, or our very own Lakme and Amazon, we follow the news feeds like a hawk. Thanks to digitalisation and social media, what happens at the fashion weeks these days is accessible to us on our mobile phones, right away. Now, whether that’s a good thing or bad is another topic of debate. But there is no denying that going to the fashion week in person is a completely different experience altogether. No Instagram or Snapchat can give you those feels.

I may be only two fashion weeks old, I already ace how to label my clothes as 'thrifted' rather than call it a Sarojini Nagar purchase. And as the Amazon India Fashion Week starts tomorrow, I thought of sharing some of my semi-pro tips with you. So, if you too are going to attend this one, or are just curious of what happens behind those edgy street style pictures and snapchats from the runway, take a read.

Here is a list of things to keep in mind, when prepping up for the fashion week!

  1. Ditch your regular clothes.

You and your basic bitch attitude have no place at the fashion week. Wear your skirt as a top, your top as a head gear, and belt as a necklace. Just do it.

  1. Throw shade with shades.

You cannot do ‘fashion week cool’ without a pair of kickass sunglasses. Pick your dad’s jazzy retro pair, or shop from the kids section. They should be one of a kind, or it just doesn’t work.

  1. Wear the most uncomfortable shoes you own.

Fashion is pain. If you do not know it yet, you’re not doing it right. Only statement shoes can make you a stand out at the fashion week, and if you want a feature in that ‘nobody cares about’ magazine, you gotta do it.

  1. Always be on the run.

At the fashion week, you can’t be seen sitting. If that happens, you’ll be boycotted for life. So run, run for your life. Take rounds. Don’t stop. EVER!

  1. Target the paparazzi.

If you are wondering what you should run around- it is the paparazzi. BUT, you can’t let them know. Don’t be obvious. Act like you forgot something, and keep going back.

6.Pick up an accent.

You can’t be a fashion person and not have an accent. That’s a big no! English, American, or Turkish, just pick one (or all!).

  1. Keep a squad

If Taylor Swift can’t do without her squad, you think you worthless human can? Make sure you hit the field with a gang. If you don’t have one, hover around the famous ones. You know who they are!

  1. Give compliments.

Practice 10 effective compliments before you leave. Give every single person at least three. Less than that won’t do.

  1. Press kits are the most important.

If you come to fashion week and do not manage to get all the press kits, your life is a waste.

  1. Features!

Features are life. If you and your colourful and rad outfits do not make it to every fashion portal there is, you are just not doing it right.

  1. Record it all on the phone.

You have to have everything on your phone. The whole show in slowmo should be on your snapchat and Instagram stories. Tweet live. Do a Facebook live. Do an Instagram live. Do it all live.