Nevertheless she persisted: Our favorite fictional women in government and politics

Nevertheless she persisted: Our favorite fictional women in government and politics

nspired by Elizabeth Warren’s heroic defiance against the Senate, here are some inspirational fictional women who also fought their way through the male-driven political sphere.


Peggy Carter, ‘Agent Carter’



Once World War II ended, Peggy Carter joined the Strategic Scientific Reserve. Peggy was the only female agent at this fictional government organization in the 1940s. Because of this, the male agents treated her with little respect. She was often delegated to answering phones and ordering lunch. However, she still strove to make a difference. She went out of her way to take up cases when the men were too ignorant to recognize a problem. Even through these challenges, when Peggy finally succeeded, she knew what really mattered was her own perception of herself.


Laurel Healey, ‘Braindead’


Braindead perfectly captured the hysteria of the current world through brain eating alien bugs. These bugs would crawl into people’s ears at night and eat parts of the brain. Consequently, this caused the people’s views to become more extreme and the people to act irrationally. Laurel Healey was one of the few people to figure this out. Working for her senator brother, she directly saw how this was affecting people. Naturally, she realized this had to be stopped. However, of course the bug-people, in great positions of power, combatted this view. Laurel worked tirelessly to oppose them to get this information out into the world. If the world did not believe her, she would stop the pandemic herself.


Leslie Knope, ‘Parks and Recreation’


Leslie Knope constantly fought to make Pawnee, Indiana a better place. Unsurprisingly, people challenged her every step of the way. But this did not stop her. Consequently, this caused Leslie to fight even harder to achieve what she knew was right. One example of many: while Ben was running for congress, Leslie struggled in the public eye as the candidate’s wife. No matter what she did, in a pie-making contest, she would anger someone. Yet, she stood up to the hypocrisy and the men’s rights activists. She chose what she believed in and stood up for women’s rights.



Leia Organa, ‘Star Wars’


Princess Leia Organa became the youngest Imperial senator after her adopted father stepped down. Leia did not fall prey to the Empire’s entices like many other senators. She quickly joined with the Rebels, working with Mon Mothma. Leia actively fought against the Empire, endowing her abilities entirely to the Rebel Alliance. Leia eventually founded the Resistance, ignoring her title of Princess in favor of General. She fervently continued to fight, even as her son, Kylo Ren, rose to power.


Elizabeth Sloane, ‘Miss Sloane’


Elizabeth Sloane was known as a ruthless D.C. lobbyist. Interestingly, she was an incredibly complicated character, letting nothing come between her and winning. This does often mean she partook in morally dubious activities, however, but this just proves her formidability. When her firm was given a pro-gun case, she decided to join a much smaller and less recognized firm battling against it. Elizabeth anticipated everyone’s moves, yet no one was able to catch up to her. She evaded the opposing men’s pandering and patronization, to prove her superior ability.


Daenerys Targaryen, ‘Game of Thrones’


As the rightful heir to the House Targaryen, Daenerys Targaryen seeks to reclaim the Iron Throne. Daenerys carefully bid her time to build up her army. Throughout her travels, Daenerys gained reverence and power, causing her many titles. Many of the men in power, whom she encountered, underestimated her abilities based on her appearance. However, she quickly proved them wrong, occasionally with fiery destruction in her wake. Finally, she set sail to Westeros to once again express her might.


Mia Thermopolis, ‘The Princess Diaries’


One day, as a teenager, Mia Thermopolis discovered she is the Princess of Genovia. As she grew up, she became ready to ascend the throne. However, she discovered there was an antiquated law in place requiring the Queen to be married. She prepared to marry so she could keep the throne, but she realized that marriage was not what she truly wanted. She defied the law, initially created by the all-male Parliament, convincing them to abolish it. Mia was then able to become Queen of Genovia, and consequently opened up the Parliament to allow women as well.