Turn ObamaCare Into TrumpCare

Turn ObamaCare Into TrumpCare

The Democrats have an opportunity to improve ObamaCare by turning it into TrumpCare. It's clear that Trump has little or no interest in what is in a health care reform bill. He just wants it to be better than the Affordable Care Act. And he wants to take credit for the improvement.


So, after a short pause to let the waters calm, the Democrats should seize this opportunity and put forward a health care reform proposal that could engender bi-partisan support. A coalition of determined Democrats and moderate Republicans could actually reach consensus on measures that would strengthen the current law. They would have the combined votes to overrule any objections from the staunchly Right-wing Freedom Caucus, which managed to derail the first effort of Trump and Ryan.


What went largely unreported in his Oval Office blaming of the Democrats for the failure of the Republican "repeal and replace" effort, the American Health Care Act, was Trump's invitation to sit down with the Democrats for a second go at it. Trump doesn't really care who he joins with in an alliance, as long as he comes off as the man who got things done.


This bi-partisan effort would allow Trump and both the Republican and Democratic congressional leaderships to claim victory. And the ultimate benefactor in getting health care reform passed would be the American public.


President Obama always said he would entertain proposals for improvements to the ACA from either side of the aisle in Congress. President Trump is now doing the same.  Now is the time to make that happen. The ball is in the court of the Democrats.