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Healthcare in the U.S. - Context Context Context!

Unlike a lot of my more conservative friends, I don't think Obamacare is a "train wreck" tho I agree it has a lot of aspects that need to be fixed, but IMO the underlying U.S. health insurance...

Failure Of Trumpcare Provides Opportunity For Democrats

Now that Trumpcare has failed, it is feared that Trump and Price will do everything in their power to make their statements that “Obamcare will implode” come true.

Let's Renew the Effort to Educate the Public About the ACA (Obamacare)

So often what is missing from the healthcare discussion is context and history. People quickly forget.

Turn ObamaCare Into TrumpCare

The Democrats have an opportunity to improve ObamaCare by turning it into TrumpCare. It's clear that Trump has little or no interest in what is in a health care reform bill. He just wants it to be better...

Trump Hates America, and His Pathetic 'Leadership' on Healthcare Is Proof Of It

The failure of TrumpCare is more than a political pratfall by Donald Trump and the Republican Party. It is an object lesson in the pettiness of a vengeful, self-absorbed man who couldn't care less about...

Guess what just increased by at least ANOTHER 35,000 people over the past month?

As you may know, I’ve spent the past month crunching the numbers to break out just how many people are at risk of losing their healthcare coverage in all 50 states, all 435 Congressional Districts and...

Democratic Leadership Failing to Point Out ACA Positives

Chuck Schumer was on CNN New Day this morning and was asked, “Why won’t Democrats work with Republicans on a replacement?”