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The 10 New Features Improving Your Sendible Experience For April 2015

You’ve asked and we’ve listened. Here at Sendible, we love hearing your suggestions to improve the Sendible experience. This month we’re excited to announce the release of some awesome new features...

10 Reasons to get personal with Meerkat and Periscope in your Social Media Strategy

As Meerkat and Periscope get into their never ending tight race, we sit back and look at how social marketers can use mobile live-streaming apps to take their strategies to the next level.

Social Media Interview: Sorin Mihailovici, Founder – Travel by Dart

Who are you and what does your company do? My name is Sorin Mihailovici, I am the Founder of the Travel by Dart series which is a reality show web series. In every episode, we throw a dart at the world...

5 Ways To Save Time With Sendible

I used to spend 10 minutes per day per client on content distribution but now that I can schedule a month’s worth of posts in advance, I only need to spend about 20 minutes per month per client

How the New Facebook API Changes Affect Posting to Groups

Starting April 30th 2015, the Facebook API will be making changes to the way that we (and all 3rd party applications) interact with their platform. These changes specifically include new restrictions on...